Sunday, 19 September 2010

What wer looking for?

What are we looking for? For a nicely cutted dress or the right size of the sleeves? Or maybe for the softest silk the world so flow along or fitted body like a milk bath? That doesnt matter if ur wearing a cotton tank top for 40 quid with a Gap sleeping pants for 5. The only question I want to ask is what we are looking for. Seeing in London those all different faces feeling right at the way absolutely different from you, seeing different things on the same street ur walking. Living different live, mattering different things. Do they think about what they wear today or not? Or must it really matter for them? Here are way too many thing that matter, but they dont who you are untill the right moment they see you. Your face, what you wear, how you wear than the eye goes up to ur body, ur face, ur eyes.
Can people fall in love with this new Helmut Lang dress ur wearing today to impress someone or just delight ur self, ur skin. That what I call self sofistication. You can feel it in both ways either ur wearing a soft cotton and baggy sweater, sitting on the balcony of ur apartment, smoking a siggarette and watching leaves on the trees slowly hanging, or falling down on the street coz its time for October. How can you feel fully sofisticated in this world? And does this feeling really exist?

It might be all about Louboutin red souls, or Gap cotton, or Fendi fur, or greatest friendship of ur time, great night, tasty hot dog, funny lie or falling in love with a guy whos not right for you. It all matters.

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  1. Valeriya, thank you for the link to my blog. I linked to your blog too. Please keep in touch.