Sunday, 15 August 2010


My latest look for Port Montenegro Openning Beach Party.
Diane von Furtenberg with vintage cross.
Masalevich. xxx

American Retro

Some shots nicked from Carolines Mode, made on American Retro show. The Balenciaga print tote is amazing.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

We are from the USSR

I dont know from where russians got patience not to explode or at least not to move, after prolonged dergradation, or perhaps I shouldnt be so pretentiously straight about situation going on in Moscows High Society. Phrancly speaking, our guys simply got bored of life, at least from my point of understanding. And not only my generation of people. Whole line of them era by era looses taste to life faster and faster. Couple of days ago I red an article in russian Tatler by Ksenia Sobchak, where shes telling her life situation about getting to the club and vitnessing an absolute lack of party people. Everyone is working...or simply bored? And than Im beeing so finely entertained by my well known friends who are happily not studying in Moscow, and would understand what Im talking about. Every Half term coming back from school Im hearing absolutely marvelles gossip stories, from the series 'I saw u with my boyfriend, while I wasnt there'. Really, I feel absolutely fine having mostly friends in England, Canada or ,say, Italy, because by only studying in boarding school in England for 2 years I understood how different teenage societies are, even my friends, high class Londoners would never get the point of Moscow teenage talks. Yes, Russian language doesnt have any limits of the quantity of different synonims for only one english word. But maybe thats the reason of thinking before you speak. And making your talks more interesting, at least less distracting and simply stupid making no sense, as I can hear quite often happening in Moscow. And two of my friends Sofia and Anastasia were victims in those situations, where gossips were treated like end of the world catastrophy. Though it made me laugh so badly. But noting those girls r not studying in Moscow, spending most of their time of the year beeing with Interbational EU teenagers or English.
Cant judge those people who might make their lifes more exciting and fullfilled but constant showdowns, its a private choise. But Im glad Im out of this league. Guys be smart, think about your future and of what ur talking about.
p.s. I know this is quite a wide topic to talk about, by two of the last social situatin I was lucky to vitness made me spread my opinion on that topic. I know its not worked out really, but still...its just a blog ;)

Masalevich. xxx

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Vogue US September covers form 2000 to 2010

My favourite are Kate Hudson 2002 and Sienna 2007...truelly classic american style...stunning

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Anna Selezneva.

My Tom Fords.

Do you know how much time did it take to convinse my brother to wear my glasses and take this picture??XD

xxx Masalevich

Camel and cream.

This Fall I should really thank my mum for predicting the return of camel since she bought one Max Mara classic long one...I really had no idea why I asked her to buy me one, because last year it was quite a nonesence and i bought it in winter without any great exciting reasons, but I knew exactly that after summer, I AM gonna wear it! So summer goes, we are mixing up Celine, leather, Topshop and handmade oriental jewellery, and soft camel colour nicely transferring into textures! And wow man I was right, I got the exact one (buttomn right) Max Mara made this coming FW and with Celine waist belt and Tom Ford cheaky kat glasses it will be my fall cream candy! oh btw: the other three are Chloe FW10 which are absolutely fabulous as well, but I love the inside consistanses on those looks, using the same type of coat..<3   

But as well as falling in love with camel, I am with James Perses thousands of tops and hoodies and Burberry boots always been into relaxed clothes and comfy materials. And while going through Chloe's I found this wonderfull Fishermans-huunters jacket with foxies capuchone:) and even beeing a strict vegeterian I cant resist my love for fur, if count my Russian surroundings and my under love for fur, for all the vegetables in the world, i will never wear fake fur to keep me warm! p.s. once I wore a blackfox long west with loooads of fur in  my English school, i seriously I thought my roomate Ashleigh will kill me with her eye sight...and half of the schoolXD
Well this jacket defenetly will be veeery wearable by me with UGGs, Hunters, Perse, Wang, Abercrombie, and Come de Garcons sweaters:)

And the last interesting thing I found was as well in MaxMara FW10. That was Velour...siriously this is the only material i really hate, especially in Ralph Lorens FW10 skirts it looks like my grannyies old shabby curtain garters all sewn togeather and hang on Anastassia Khozzisova...But this coat is a well played velour around those people who hate it. This is the only peace which I could by in this material and it looks truelly fabulous overweighted and belted..reminds me about huge bathrobes in George IV.

Dover Street Market sensation!

Waaaah that surely could be the love from first sight...when I saw this true peace of art, I felt the same after I got my Pekaboo^_^ well on a judge, by Delvaux.

<3 <3 <3

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Harpers Bazaar UK September 2010


Outside Chanel Fashion Show.


First time posting my latest look. Not the last one of course:)
Hype on LOOKBOOK. <3

Baby Kate.

If youre mostly reader of Vogue US I wuldnt agree with you in its incredibility. As we seen many examples of British Vogue as trend dictator and as the most nicely organised magazine. And this is not some racist exuse, as Im not British, but its incredible organisation and harmony, ease and trendyness, got over the delight of classic American Wintour style. And Kate Moss is truelly the icon of British direction of organised mentality of their society. She cant be too old, or too chic or too drunk neither too provoke. She is Kate, the one and only, on the September cover 2010 of British Vogue shoot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Masalevich. xxx

Paint it purple.

Karlie Kloss.

Fuji Rock Fest 2010 Japan.

Absolutely crazy and amazingly fun event, on which unfortunatelly I couldnt get. 13th annual Fuji Rock Festival, where people were grabbed togeather like in one box full of birthday candy from all over the world. I've herd about those festival about 2 months ago, from my friend, who was talking about going to one of those in England, but unfortunatelly I couldnt by reason of my delay to Bulgaria land;) But after seeing those picture I would be more than happy to be on one of those.

Masalevich. xxx


I just adore this series of roadtrip style picture, made by my Bulgarian friend photographer Antoanet Popova. Their absolutely breathtaking and the colour palette is so unique. I could never get this amount of colour on my pictures.
Masalevich. xxx