Sunday, 8 August 2010

So to say..

Dont wanna end this night on the greeting page, which doesnt quite refer to fashion, so wanna meet Chanel FW 2010. I wanna say that it was quite a controversy for many of fashionistas. Some say that Ms Chanel would kick Lagerfelds ass for kind of mockery, another satisfied with fake fur and weird Ice Age jumpsuite, which from my point of view is quite a contrast a faux fur, as u know, PETA wasnt a rule during antient time. And personally I think...for God Sake, Karl, whos making the most beautiful fur coats for Fendi, and now trying to experiment with faux fur. Well...I havent red what Wintour said, but some say beyound...well surely it is...

Masalevich. xxx

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