Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Camel and cream.

This Fall I should really thank my mum for predicting the return of camel since she bought one Max Mara classic long one...I really had no idea why I asked her to buy me one, because last year it was quite a nonesence and i bought it in winter without any great exciting reasons, but I knew exactly that after summer, I AM gonna wear it! So summer goes, we are mixing up Celine, leather, Topshop and handmade oriental jewellery, and soft camel colour nicely transferring into textures! And wow man I was right, I got the exact one (buttomn right) Max Mara made this coming FW and with Celine waist belt and Tom Ford cheaky kat glasses it will be my fall cream candy! oh btw: the other three are Chloe FW10 which are absolutely fabulous as well, but I love the inside consistanses on those looks, using the same type of coat..<3   

But as well as falling in love with camel, I am with James Perses thousands of tops and hoodies and Burberry boots always been into relaxed clothes and comfy materials. And while going through Chloe's I found this wonderfull Fishermans-huunters jacket with foxies capuchone:) and even beeing a strict vegeterian I cant resist my love for fur, if count my Russian surroundings and my under love for fur, for all the vegetables in the world, i will never wear fake fur to keep me warm! p.s. once I wore a blackfox long west with loooads of fur in  my English school, i seriously I thought my roomate Ashleigh will kill me with her eye sight...and half of the schoolXD
Well this jacket defenetly will be veeery wearable by me with UGGs, Hunters, Perse, Wang, Abercrombie, and Come de Garcons sweaters:)

And the last interesting thing I found was as well in MaxMara FW10. That was Velour...siriously this is the only material i really hate, especially in Ralph Lorens FW10 skirts it looks like my grannyies old shabby curtain garters all sewn togeather and hang on Anastassia Khozzisova...But this coat is a well played velour around those people who hate it. This is the only peace which I could by in this material and it looks truelly fabulous overweighted and belted..reminds me about huge bathrobes in George IV.

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