Saturday, 7 August 2010

Dedicated to Danila Antonovskiy (GQ) as an influence of creating this page.

I truelly believe that it shouldnt be a sirious debate of starting this page from refering a private writers name. Still I want mention his article which made in my mind a tiny confusion, since I was quite a reader of funny people like BryanBoy or blogs marked on the right sight of the page, even some of them were made some time ago and by professionals. I've red this article quite a while ago, and as my silly young mind understood, it was mainly directed in a critising way, to deny a hysterial talk about fashion blogs killing magazine industry. It was called 'Era of Mercy', now beeing represented as a reveal for the disintricate name of the new 'killer' of the magazine, pile of which lying now on my table, and access to which, I will find even on the north pole. If I knew this amazing writer I would defently give him a nice handshake of a starter Fashion Journalist or at least PR person (cant really say, beeing on Foundation course in LCF), for dispelling this idea of ruinnig the industry, which been my main religion for past 6-7 years. I dont want to look more mature or educated than I really am, the point of making this page was this article, here I can do what I like, say what I think, post what I love, express my opinion about blogs, because Twitters space is always been too tight for my messages:) I dont think BryanBoys self pictures or Tavis fashion analyses are harmfull in anyway, "its just the time when people are not talking some boolshit in the bars and pubs, but in the internet".

Masalevich. xxx

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