Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Cat.

Have you seen Breakfast at Tiffanys? One of my favourite movies, of course I wouldnt argue if half of the world like this movie. But what I like about it is defenetly not the love story. Thats The Cat. The Cat without a name, living in Hollys flat obly by chanse, eating and sleeping but with a chase to leave any time. Cats are all about doing what they want, never beeing completely fathful to their owner. Thats hows my Cat lives here. It doesnt have a name, but me and my roomate love it so much, but always keep the window open. It never left. So far I could see why many women are so  much alike them. Do what you want, sleep where you want, eat where you want, keep in touch with your boyfriend but be independent. I always was bad with relationship development, in terms of fathfullness. Maybe I never been in Love? Cats cant fall in love.

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