Monday, 21 February 2011

Its been A While...

Its been the longest time when I've opened this page. Somehow its got all dusty and lonely in here, while my Tumblr page and university were taking advantage. There wasnt really a moment to start it over from something, and London Fashion Week was seemed like a great opportunity.
I've never had a chance to actually go on one of them before, even that I knew there is nothing difficult of getting on one at least as a visitor, Spring Summer went as a crush, with univercity getting started, new projects, abilites, ideas and parties. But even though Im still having piles and piles of work around me, those building let me go around them for one short 5 day event, where I now had a green PRESS pass to.
It was like first time in circus, black cab, all shiny and childishly happy, taking firm steps, with everything bumping inside of the first show, and camera flashes blind your mind out. Its like a foggy masquarade, everyone got a shadow of a costume over their real lives. Its maybe not that pretentious and more homy and welcome in here, if u move firm and fast, look confident and smart, you'll get in on any show even with a visitors pass.
Here are some of my own report day 1-2 for a appetizer from the exhibition, than the shows.

 Furry Camilla Skovgaard


Lisa Farrow treasures.

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