Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Review on Burberry FW12

I have never admired strong critique for anything, would it be fashion or some book my friend red, and i have always thought I'd rather shut my mouth untill my huge pride didnt get her self in a bet, which Id never gonna win. So I usually keep my risky opinions to myself. Today I want to talk about Christophers Bailey 60's-Middleton styled collection for this season, with all the honesty I have, but without any offence to any of the Burberry fans.

Can you remember little gorgeous 60's wonder-girl Jean Shrimpton, pink-green cover from Vogue. Well the collection was named after her, even if it didnt ring any bells when I first red about it. Surely it is humble, Very, Very plain collection and doesnt look like any of Burberrys before. It is got huge range of coats, and coats, and maybe more coats? in different colour-blocking tones, but doesnt it remind you about high street market production, that is gonna crush the whole thing? The advertising foundation that was built up around the show is enormous: the live-streaming for the first time to the big screen in Piccadilly Circus, and on to more than 150 countries around the world and at 40 live events, not to mention untold iPads and iPhones, with the chance to shop the collection online in the moment. It is like we all gonna see those coats on oxford st window displays, which is quite sad, because the collection is quite huge, and there are some nice-wearable-year-after-year pieces.  

Well, I was more sure that the whole advertising programm is going around Kate Middleton and 'the big wedding' day, and all the 'versatile' inspirations she could give designers, while beeing so famous. We all know that she is not Diana, although got sense of 'subdued english' style, which is enough smart for royalty, but, really not enough for designers. 

For your judge I would love to hear any thoughtfull an dhoest comments. God Bless The Queen.

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